Visiting Singapore and Malaysia (April)

I am excited to be able to visit the Sikh Sangat in Singapore and Malaysia at the end of next month. It is always such a great learning experience to meet and get involved in Sikh communities in different parts of the world. I am hoping to do a lot of networking and establish local relationships with various organizations so that we can all be more effective in promoting Sikhi.

I will be in Malaysia March 31st to participate in the big Kirtan festival (In Cheras) and staying for a few days afterwards to get involved with the community. I then travel back down to Singapore to do a workshop and participate in the Baisakhi celebration and other happenings (leaving April 15th). I am still working out the travel/schedule details so don’t know all the specifics yet.

The past few nights I have been working on a new DVD which is a compilation of some of the videos which I have posted on this blog and SikhNet. I’m not sure yet how I will distribute it…but for the mean time I hope to get a certain number produced (100-200) in Singapore/Malaysia to give in exchange for a donation to SikhNet. It’s a whole different thing having a high quality DVD that you can play on your TV!

If someone is interested in sponsoring the DVD to pay for duplication costs let me know. If we have a sponsor than I can get a lot more copies produced and potentially give them away, which will enable more people to have them. I am pretty much done with creating the NTSC version (for US/Canada) and now need to do the PAL format for Asia (since there are two different TV/Video standards). I’ve been busy with this…so haven’t had much time left to blog lately. I think we will also be doing some cool T-Shirts…but let’s see what happens.

Anyways… I’m excited. I had such a great experience on my last trip to England, and Asia is next. It really helps to get to know the Sikh communities in a personal way, which guides what we do at SikhNet and gives more support to us.

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