Massive Nihang Turban!

Waheguru! Just looking at this picture makes my neck hurt. It’s a good thing my wife Arjan is a Chiropractor and can look after my neck. Hehe… The turban is massive! Someone sent me this picture and I am always amazed when I see these types of pictures. Does anyone know why some Nihangs wear turbans this large? It doesn’t seem practical so there must be some spiritual reason. It does get a lot of attention though. No hiding in the crowd dressed like this :)

Picture by Capt. Ravinder Pal Singh in Amritsar

Ps. Gurinder Singh (UK) just forwarded me a video link which is from a news story of this same Sikh (“Major Singh Nihang”). It even looks like from the same day of the picture. Apparently he was trying to set the world record for the largest turban (It is over 400 meters of cloth!). His mission is to inspire Sikh youth and revive turbans in a community where many are cutting their hair or just wearing hats. Watch the video below: