SikhiWiki Gurdwara Map

Have you ever traveled to a city and wondered if there was a Gurdwara in the area? The SikhNet team has been working on a cool new project, with the help of Ad.WRIGHT. This is an exciting new service which will enable you to visually find Gurdwaras all around the world. You can search for locations and add your own Gurdwara to the map too.

Currently there are only a small subset of Gurdwaras listed, so we hope that you will check it out and add your Gurdwara to the map. All you need to do is register on SikhiWiki and then you can zoom in/or search to find your Gurdwara location. Then just double click on the spot, and a form will display to enter the info.

You can switch between “Map” mode, which just shows streets, cities, and road names, to “Satellite” mode which shows you actual satellite images of the world. You can also do the “Hybrid” version which will show both at the same time.

We have a lot of good ideas for expanding this. We plan to setup this system in a way that anyone can create a map on SikhiWiki for a variety of purposes. You could have a map of all the Sikh camps, Kirtan Samagams, all your friends, Aunties who will feed you food, Historical locations, etc. It’s really up to your imagination.

So help us expand this project by entering your Gurdwara and letting us know what you think about the project. We really want to make it a useful service and need your help.

Visit the Gurdwara Map Now

Gurdwara Map with the full world view

Once you are registered on SikhiWiki you can just zoom in and click on your Gurdwara and enter the information right there in the map window.

You can use the search feature to help quickly find a city or address.

When you click on any of the Nishaan Flags you will see information about the Gurdwara. Many Gurdwaras are close together so you need to zoom in to view all of them.