Kirtan/Celebration to Welcome the Baby

Me and my “sweetie”….

Tonight we had a beautiful celebration with family and friends to welcome the soul of our new child. It is custom for our communties to do Kirtan, and meditate on the 120th day of the pregnancy. It’s a great way to get together and meditate with the sangat and pray for the child. Arjan got lots of nice gifts from people too…which is always a treat. It’s also nice to have this event which is very supportive to the mothers. It’s not an easy task to go through pregnancy and have a baby.

It was a very cozy and fun occasion…with a few unexpected turns. One of our friends who was going to do the Kirtan called at the last minute saying she was sick and couldn’t come, so we scrambled to find someone 5 minutes before we were supposed to start . Also someone had helped us by making a huge pot of soup for dinner, but because it was done the night before and sat out (un-refrigerated) it ended up fermenting a bit (going bad)…and I think when it was being warmed up got burnt. This was all 5 minutes before starting so it was one thing after the other. No food… no kirtan? Next thing we know Home Run Pizza was called and stacks of Pizza were on their way for 50+ people. People darted out to the store on the other side of town and bought up some stuff to make salad and bread. By the time the Kirtan was done there was a feast at hand. It was really nice how many of my friends just took care of all this at a moments notice. It is inspiring when people just serve and do things for others.

We got off to a rocky start but everything worked out in the end.