Gurbani CDs Available by Chardikala Jatha

Chardi Kala Jatha In the past I posted some stuff about my friends Jagat Guru Singh, Sadasat Simran Singh and Harimanderjot Singh of Chardi Kala Jatha and many people had wanted to know if they could purchase CDs somewhere. At the time there was no place online to get them. I was finally able to get SpritiVoyage to carry their two CDs which they produced in 2004. So, if you like their Kirtan you can now get them online. Both CDs are great. (You can listen to sound samples on the website below)

Order CD 1- Ichhaa Purakh Sarab Sukhdaataa Har
Order CD 2 – Mera Man Saadh Janaa Mil Hareaa

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