We are the Khalsa

Tonight I am posting the end of a video by Hari Kirin Kaur titled “We are the Khalsa“. The original video teaches 8 different songs accompanies by certain hand movements. This video portion was added on to the video at a later date showing some of the Sikh Children in Los Angeles practicing the songs.

This was one of the things that Siri Singh Sahib ji taught and is now a regular part of our Sunday Gurdwara program. During Gurdwara you will see the children perform various songs to music in front of the sangat. Before Anand Sahib the “Kids Program” starts and most of the kids from the sangat will go up and do perform various songs with the motions. I normally sit with my Son Narayan and do it along with him. Many of the Sangat also do the motions/songs along with them to show support and participate. It is great fun and gets the children involved. As they start to learn the songs and motions, the kids really get into it. As adults we might feel embarrased to do this, but for children it is so natural and enjoyable. When I am up with Narayan, I see almost the whole sangat has a bright smile on their face as they see the beautiful children glowing as they sing and do the songs. It’s great!

I think it is important to have different ways for the children to be involved in the Gurdwara program. These types of things give them confidence and and an experience. All Sikh communties should find ways to involve the children and start teaching from a very young age. I remember when I was little, at the same time as the normal “Adult Gurdwara” someone would get the children together in a different location and talk about Sikhi in ways that we could relate. We would learn different things or just do part of a bani together. After our little kids program we would all go over to the Gurdwara together and join the Sangat. Without this type of thing Gurdwara would just be a really long ceremony that we didn’t understand.

Summary from the Video
“Celestial Communication is a powerfull technnique for healing the body, relaxing the brain, uplifting the soul and purifying the entire being.

When the body language joins the vibration of sound, the internal music is created.

Follow the movements as you sing each song. Be sure to smile! Practice it experience it, understand it, share it and enjoy it.”

Download Video (24 MB)

Below is a video clip of some of the kids from this past Sunday at Gurdwara: