Union Between Man and God

Essence of the Guru’s word and how Guru laid down the path of our union between man and God.

Here is a lecture from Gurdwara back in April 23, 2000 by Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi ji. As always, it’s hard to write a specific theme or summary to the lectures. I have noticed that depending on what I am going through in life at the time I get different things when listening to them. Sometimes I am listening to it, but I’m not really hearing the words. The mind wanders and you don’t really take in the message. You know what I mean? He used to give a talk in Gurdwara just about every Sunday for the past 25+ years (along with many classes during the week) and you got used to hearing him…so sometimes you pay attention or sometimes your mind wanders. I always wondered how he could always have something interesting and inspiring to say when he spoke so much and so often. Would he ever run out of something to say? I doubt he did any preparation either, as it seemed to just flow out of the moment of what was happening at the time. He used to always tell all kinds of stories in the lectures relating to encounters with people. I guess when you counsel and help tons of people every day you probably encounter just about every time of situation and person.

I think there is a universal wisdom and knowledge through all time that one can tune into. Most of us don’t develop that sense, but the possibility is there. I think the more you meditate and develop your intuitive sense the more this knowledge and understanding comes to you naturally. You don’t get this from reading books or from scholarly means. So many Sikhs are overly intellectual and I think loose the essence and heart of things as a result.

When I meditate and have a solid "Sadhana" (Daily Discipline) I notice how things just come to me and I know things before they happen (I become more intuitive). It sometimes catches me by surprise though. When my daily practice is not as regular, or minimal, then I feel like life takes control and I get more stressed out in every day happenings. I really do notice a difference, but it is easy to forget, and easier to just take the short cut of not doing something for your soul and just turning on the TV, or sleeping. I remember times when I wasn’t meditating and one day I did a meditation and I had such an experience, that I thought to myself "Why don’t I do this every day?? Why did I stop?". The answer is all about maintaining some type of regular discipline in your life and not getting off track. Picking something that you can do EVERY DAY and be able to maintain. Some of us have a tendency to get "Gung Ho" and one day decide to do 20 things every day…but it is too much of a leap so can’t maintain it. My philosophy is "slow and steady" building over time.

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