Re-Connecting With Family

Tomorrow morning (Fri) I fly out at around 6:40AM with Narayan to go to Sacramento, California on an adventure to re-connect with family. I made a last minute decision to fly out when I heard that it was my grandfather’s birthday this weekend.

Most of my father’s side of the family live in the Sacramento area. After my parents got divorced when I was about 12 years old I have slowly lost touch with this side of the family. I actually have two half sisters (from my father’s first marriage), though I have never known them very well or spent much time with them. I really hope to have some time to share our lives with each other.

Lately I felt like it had been way too long since I have seen any of them, and wanted to make an effort to re-connect and get to know each other better. It’s easy to get caught up in your every day life and not spend time with your family (because of cost or distance). Also this weekend is my Grandfathers 92nd birthday and thought it would be a nice surprise to be there to celebrate with him. When you get older I can imagine how much more important family is.

Most of them I have not seen in over 15 years, so this will be an interesting “re-union”. I won’t be bringing a laptop and am only there for the weekend so I won’t be posting stuff here on the blog till I get home.