Guru Raj Kaur & Bhai Kalyan Singh

Here is a shabad played by my auntie Guru Raj Kaur (a long time friend of my mother) and Bhai Kalyan Singh. She lives in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and is very active in the community. This is one of her classic Shabads and is really nice.

The picture to the right is Hari Singh (her husband) and Guru Raj Kaur. Her daughter Nirinjan Kaur is finishing school at Miri Piri Academy and also has a beautiful voice. She recently made a Gurbani CD which I will feature sometime in the future.

Download MP3 (10 MB)
View The “Narayan” Shabad and translation

It was funny; Just after Narayan Singh was born in 2001 we got gifts from various friends of ours who were musicians. Three of the gifts were Gurbani CD’s which were either had the “Narayan” shabad on it or were shabads of Guru Arjan Dev ji. So…as Narayan was a baby…we played the Narayan Shabad a lot.