Gurbani MP3 files and a Pick of the Day

I have been slowly sifting through the SikhNet Gurbani Archive one musician at a time listening to the different Gurbani MP3 files. One thing I have found is that the more music you have the more overwhelming it can be. I end up not being as familiar with the music.

I used to play a game and try to listen to any shabad and guess who the ragi was. For one of my birthdays a few years ago I made a Sikh/3HO “Jeopardy” style game (based on the TV gameshow) and one of the categories was “Name that Ragi”. I picked a bunch of tracks and edited them down to few second audio clips that people would hear and try to guess the ragi. It was a lot of fun (though a lot of work to make).

That was back before 120+ GB of Gurbani MP3 files. Now there are just way too many ragis to be familiar with. I also have very particular tastes in the style of Kirtan that I listen too. There are some ragis I used to listen to a lot but don’t listen to anymore. Hopefully going through the music I’ll re-discover some of my favorites, and find some new ragis which I haven’t heard yet. Of course I will feature some from time to time here on the blog so that you can enjoy them too.

Later this year we will be offering a new SikhNet service as part of a “Gurbani Music Club” which will allow you to download a certain number of MP3 files as a supporting member (which will support SikhNet’s costs and archiving more kirtan to digital format). When we complete that project I’ll let you all know.

For now here is an MP3 clip. I used to listen to this one all the time a long while back, and I still enjoy listening to it today. I just “dug it up” from the archive. :)

Musician: Bhai Amarjit Singh Than
Shabad: Hum Nahi Changey Burah Nahi Koi (Size 9MB)

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