My 7th Wedding Anniversary – Jan 3rd 1999

I got an e-card from someone in my family wishing me a Happy Anniversary. I was a little confused at first and thought it was a mistake, but then I realized that tomorrow IS my 7th wedding anniversary! Good thing I got the reminder! Phew! You have to remember stuff like this with women. I have learnt that lesson well in the past. Us guys don’t think so much about these things (like Valentines day), but for many women these are the few times they can squeeze some romance out of their man. They expect it! We really do need to take the time out of our busy days to spend quality “couple” time with each other.

For those of you married people…remember back to the early days when you first met. How does your “romance” compare to then. If you are like most, romance is probably non-existent. When I say romance I don’t mean sex. I mean doing nice things for each other, going on surprise dates, giving flowers when not expected, doing creative/fun things together to enjoy your spouse.

Time really does fly by. I met Arjan around Dec 1996 at the Winter Solstice Camp (which was just held in Florida)…and got married a few years later after she graduated from Chiropractic College. Wow…I guess that is only 10 years ago. Seems like a lifetime ago.

I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful wife and family. I always pray for the same for my single friends. It is such a learning experience and joy to be married.

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