Super Man – Narayan Learning to Fly

I was just searching around on the web and came accross this website which is “…a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by incoming links”. Pretty funny. You can see how currently ranks.

Anways…I saw some of the blogs which link to this one and noticed a blog by my brother Dharam’s friend (Himmat Singh). I didn’t even know he had a blog…and I see him all the time! I found the above picture of Narayan. Here is his description of the photo:

“This is Narayan Singh, Dharam’s nephew, being thrown by me on to the couch. This was a few months ago. By the way, he wanted me to throw him”.

Oh my gosh! So this is what he does when he has “sleep overs” at their house. Hahahaha. Of course Narayan is going to say “do it”. He leaps off his top bunk bed without even a fear in his head. Fearless little guy. I guess it is up to us to manage so that he doesn’t hurt himself.