New Comic Book Coming out With Sikh Characters

In a few weeks a new comic books series “Santa, Banta & Trendy” will be coming out. The quality of the art looks great, and the main characters of the comic are Sikhs, which is awesome. I think this will be a great alternative to the mainstream comics which are mostly super heroes (Batman, Spiderman, etc). I don’t think the comics will be religious in nature, but it is still great to have Sikhs be more visible in a positive way in media. The kids will enjoy it too. I would prefer my son reading a comic like this rather than a spiderman comic. I’m waiting to receive a “Media copy” of the comic too see more of the story line. Can’t wait!

Ok, the point of my posting this message is not just to let you know about the coming comic book series, but really to get some ideas from you (quickly). The publishers are going to have one of the up-coming comics feature me and Ashvinder Singh in the storyline with “Santa Singh”. So, I am looking for ideas. We basically need to come up with a story for the comic.

The only framework that we have to deal with is that Santa Singh’s mother lives in Toronto, Canada and he is going for a visit (either alone, or with his wife and son “Trendy”). He is the star of course so the story line would mostly center around him…with other characters like me and Ashvinder…as sub characters involved in the plot. Anyways… if you have ideas of events and possible story lines, here is your chance for fame! You could say… “I came up with that idea!”. You can either post ideas as a comment to this post or email me.

Oh yes…the center page will be some type of game (cross word puzzle, trivia, etc) so also looking for game ideas.