Simple Breathing Meditation to Balance

In this video Guruka Singh summarizes the steps in waking up and getting ready for your morning "Sadhana" (daily discipline). He then explains how the breath (breathing) effects your mind and body. The video ends with him showing a simple breathing meditation that will relax and focus your mind.

Alternate nostril breathing is a great way to stimulate your neutral mind. When you are feeling upset or negative, or even if you are just preparing yourself to do another meditation or your Nitnem, you can do this technique and it will give you energy and clarity.


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Do your banis after, and see the difference in your focus and awareness! Even just sitting and doing 10 long deep breaths will make a difference. It is amazing how a simple thing like this can change how you feel. Most of us breath unconsciously and only use a very small portion of our lung capacity. As your emotions and body changes, so does your breath. When you are angry or upset notice how your breath is rapid and shallow. So If you consciously change your breathing you can change this feeling. It is a simple tool to help change how you are feeling. Plus it is really health for you! We live in very stressful times and this will really help you better deal with it. So the next time you are stressed, upset, angry or just want to get "centered" give this meditation a try. One other thing which Guruka Singh spoke about was how your body regulates itself and changes your dominant breathing between each nostril. Of course you are breathing through both nostrils, but one side will generally be dominant. When you are right nostril dominant you will generally feel more awake. When you are left nostril dominant you will probably be feeling tired or sleepy. Next time you are feeling sleepy check and see for yourself (your right will be a little more "clogged"). If it is not obvious for you try closing off one nostril at a time and try breathing in. See if you notice a difference. I may extra sensitive to this…but for me it is pretty obvious. I’m curious to know if you all experience this too. If you are having trouble sleeping and are feeling really awake…try closing off your right nostril with your thumb and just sit and breath long and deep (in and out through your nose). Sleeping on your right side will also help do the same thing though the actual exercise is best. God gave us this breath of life and it is up to us whether we use this prana to relax and heal our bodies.