Gurumustuk WeeMee

Was just at and saw a new feature that you can build a “WeeMee” of yourself for use on Skype. Here is one that I made of me. It was cool that they had a turban. You can build your own here (I just did a screen capture of it). Shanti made one too. Any other bloggers out there? It would be fun to see other Sikh WeeMees on fellow Sikh Blog Sites. It’s fun! :)

Ps. Do any of you use a webcam (video chat)? I got one with my new computer but haven’t really used it yet. I called Guruka but he is “down the street” so that doesn’t really count. Skype is out with a new beta version of it’s program that supports video calls. I’m going to download and check it out.

12/16/05 – I Found another Sikh Weemee and another by Ashvinder Singh