Espanola Christmas Parade of Lights

Tonight our family and some friends went out to watch the Christmas parade of lights. Apparently this goes on every year….but we have never been to it. People make all kinds of floats with lights and drive down the street. All of Espanola must have been there; it was so crowded. Arjan’s Office (GRD Health Center) is right on the main road so we just parked there and came out to the street. It was freezing cold outside…but the kids didn’t seem to care. Narayan didn’t want to wear a jacket either. It was fun being there with everyone and watching the interesting floats go by. The parade had local Espanola flavor with some of the low rider cars bouncing up and down or driving with half the car elevated. Every float was playing Christmas songs. It was fun until my fingers turned to ice cubes and I was getting headachy from inhalation of diesel fumes.

Ps. I am trying out a new blogger hack which shows the 10 recent comments on the blog. It is on the left hand navigator after “recent posts”. This should help keep track of the latest comments. It’s not perfect…but I think it does the job.