Exciting Adventures of Sikhi – The Art of Story Telling

Every month we have a little get together for the children in the evening, and Guru Meher Kaur tells stories about the Gurus. The kids love it and learn so much about Sikhi in a fun way. This is a picture from last night of the kids listening to the stories. Narayan has been listening to some really old stories by Gurliv Singh from the mid 1970s, which I used to listen to when I went to sleep as a kid. Every night Narayan says that he want to listen to the "Guru Stories" which he does and falls asleep to. Arjan was getting tired of hearing them a thousand times so wondered if someone else would make some new stories. The seed was planted. Lately I have been thinking about it and it is a great idea to create a series of audio stories for children. In the old days before TV there used to be all kinds of radio theater that people would listen to. Nowadays it’s all just over-stimulating TV where the kids just go into a "trance" like state and are glued to the TV. Listening to stories allows children’s imaginations to run and I think is a much more healthy means for entertainment/learning. Most of the Sikh story books I have seen have terrible dialog and are not very interesting for young kids. Audio is so much more engaging and is a good balance between the two (TV/Books). Some of you might have seen the Sikh cartoons which came out on DVD this past year (Sunny and Sahibzadas). These are great…but are very expensive to produce for just a single video (in the $50,000-$100,000 range) and only a small number of people see them because of the cost. For a small fraction of the cost we could produce a high quality series of exciting adventures in Sikhi in the audio format. You can have the same type of excitement (dialog/actors, sound track, sound effects, etc) but leaving the visual part to the child’s imagination. Plus we could make them free and available as MP3 audio tracks for anyone to download and listen to. This would have a bigger impact since more kids would be able to listen freely. Everyone has a CD burner these days and could make Audio CDs from the files if they wanted to.So here is my initial plan to get started. Guru Meher Kaur (our local "Grand mother"/Story teller) is going to pick out some stories and write a script. I’ll then try to recruit some locals from our sangat to do the voices. I think someone in our Sangat has recording equipment in their house so I’ll see if we can record there. I’ll probably need help with the editing and sound effects. Do any of you know other Sikhs that are audio engineers and might want to help out on this project in some way? Ultimately the quality of the project will depend on getting skilled people involved for the recording/editing part. If someone is interesting in sponsoring this project we could do a more professional job and hire experienced help. In the mean time we’ll do budget project ($0). I’ll just go ahead and start figuring things out and do my best (I’m no expert in this area). I have a feeling Guruji will provide what is needed (as always). Just today I was talking to another Sikh woman from New York, who wants to do some educational stuff for kids too, so we’ll see where this all leads. Let me know what you think and if you have ideas to share about this. Any help would be appreciated. Watch Out Hollywood, here we Come!! Hahaha…. Ps. Listen to some of the old stories by Gurliv Singh to get an inkling of this project. Keep in mind these were done in the 70’s and are pretty good considering that.