Change of Pace?

Well, as some of you regulars have probably noticed things have been somewhat quiet on my blog lately. I think I got a little burnt out blogging. It was taking so much time (Especially the videos) and I was on the computer all the time (at work and then after work at home). Then when the thanksgiving 4 day weekend came I decided to take a much needed break. Must have been Guruka’s apple cake and Arjan’s Humming Bird cake. It took me to another world.

Also there is only so much that I can show on this blog of our community here in Espanola without being redundant. How many times have you seen me post the same type of picture of Narayan in Gurdwara holding a sword?? If you look at my blog archives from earlier this year and start to go forward you will see how it has evolved into different topics and content. The latest content being the videos which only some people can watch (since you need broadband, AKA fast internet to watch). I love doing the videos but they take a lot of time to put together (record, edit, post, etc). I think Arjan probably thinks I am a blog addict. She teases me sometimes saying, “are you going to put that on the blog” (for every little thing). Actually…I went to BA (blogaholics anonymous) and they helped me.

I will of course continue to post cool and interesting stuff, but still need some down time to re-charge and get more inspiration. Hopefully next week I can shoot some more video with Guruka for educational and inspirational stuff.

I am curious to know what people like the most about this blog? Pictures? Videos? Articles? Community? I do get lots of really great inspiring emails from people about the blog….but sometimes wonder if it has real impact on people’s day to day lives. One might read something and thing “yeah…that’s really cool”…or “yeah…I should do that”… but then it may just be a passing feeling. I guess it helps motivate and rationalize the time spent doing this if I know it is more than just entertainment.

Well, enough rambling for the night. I just upgraded the hard drive in my Nomad Jukebox III (MP3 player) and am sorting through my MP3 files. I have too many of them…and want to just get what I really listen to. It can be overwhelming otherwise.

Ps. Who reads this text anyways? I know I mostly just look at the pictures on other blogs.