Yogi Tea Cafe – Office Dessert Party

Well…this evening we had some fun. All of our local Dharmic business/offices got together for sweets, stories and fun. There was a little music…lots of eating, and funny stories about Yogi Bhajan and people’s experiences with working in the businesses. It started out with everyone hovering over all the baked goods. Everyone baked some type of dessert. Part of the fun was for the desserts to be judged for our little contest. There were 3 prizes for the top rated sweets. I didn’t go for the idea of having 3 judges, so spearheaded more democratic voting, allowing everyone to issue one vote for their favorite dessert. This made it more fun for everyone trying to choose their favorite. There were lots of good desserts!

I have to say though… Guruka Singh made the best dessert (He won first prize too!). I don’t know what is was called. But it was like an apple cake, which he then poured caramel all over, and plopped whipped cream on top. It was soooooo good that he only needed the votes of the first people who arrived. His dessert finished pretty quick. I’m guessing that everyone who ate it voted. Though I have to confess even though I liked his the best…and Arjan’s second best… I wanted Arjan to win…so I didn’t vote for Guruka. I guess it all worked out…because he won anyways (a $50 gift certificate to a nice cooking supply store).

Note from Guruka Singh: Here’s the recipe for the apple cake I made. My lovely wife, Guruka Kaur, suggested the caramel sauce which made it perfectly scrumptious. She makes everything in my life scrumptious!

Arjan came in third with her delicious “Humming Bird Cake.” My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We won gift certificates to the movies.

Overall it was a fun get together for us all to enjoy each others company and have fun (And there was lots of hot yummy Yogi Tea to wash the sweets down).

Guruka Singh the 1st prize winner in our dessert contest! You can see his empty dish in the bottom left corner with the bottle of caramel. Yummm!