Stories of Guru Nanak – Part 2

Tonight I am posting the next video of stories about Guru Nanak, told by Guru Meher Kaur to the children. When I was little….I used to fall asleep to the stories told by Guruliv Singh. You can hear them in the Gurbani Archive listed under his name. These are some stories made way back in the late 1970’s. Narayan Singh now has the same routine of listening to the stories at bedtime. He always says after getting ready for bed, "I want to hear the Guru Stories!". Some of the stories are: Story Of Babaa Deep Singh, The Guru And The Pandit, Makkan Shah And Guru Teg Bahaadar Sahib. There are about 11 stories that he must have heard hundreds of times now…and even copies some of the lines. It made me think that it would be great to create some more stories for children. It is a great way to teach the kids about our history. I’m surprised that no one else has done this (at least that I know of). Audio stories would be much easier to make too than a cartoon. There really are not many educational materials for kids other than a few books. So…this is the reason why I pulled out these Guru Nanak stories to share with other kids and for Narayan to enjoy too. Maybe one of these days I can work on a story telling project with some others who are interested. We’ll see how it goes. All these late nights working on this stuff takes a toll after a while. Time for some rest this weekend (this is sounding familiar). Hope you enjoy the stories! If you have kids…download it to your computer and watch it with them :) Download the video(Right click on above link and select "save target as")