Winter Solstice Camp in Florida (Dec 19-25th)

Some of you might have seen some of the pictures and videos that I posted this past June of the Summer Solstice camp that we have in the mountains above Espanola, New Mexico. Every year we hold two different camps. One in the summer time, and one in the winter.

The Winter Solstice Camp is coming up soon (Dec 19th) and will be in Lake Wales, Florida (USA). This was the camp that I met my wife Arjan Kaur, so it holds special significance for me. I wanted to take this time to invite you all to participate in this camp. It is smaller than the summer camp and very cozy. You’ll have an opportunity to meet quite a few new and interesting people from all over the world and different religious backgrounds. The camps tend to draw a large percentage of “western” Sikhs, yoga practioners and spiritual seekers. I personlly would love to see more of my Punjabi brothers and sisters at the camp. If you enjoy this blog than I’m sure you will enjoy the camp. Especially if you are interested in visiting Espanola or curious about our Sikh communities.

I have gone to these camps since I was just a little baby, and still go even today. This year I won’t be able to go to the Winter Solstice Camp but my parents (Sat Kirin Kaur & Siri Vishnu Singh) and brother Dharam will be there along with many of the local Espanola sangat.

After going to the camps in England many people there expressed an interest to participate in our camps here in the US. So…there you go. Hopefully some of you can take up the opportunity and go to the camp. It is mostly geared towards adults but whole families come and there are activities for all ages. Overall it will probably be a very different experience for you, but hopefully an inspirational, fun, and education one.

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