Stories of Guru Nanak – Part 1 (For the kids)

On different Gurpurbs and special days in Sikh history Guru Simran Kaur organizes fun educational things for the kids to do, so that they can learn about Sikh history and about the Gurus. In Nov. 2001, a few months after Narayan was born I recorded a series of stories that we had over a few nights. Guru Meher Kaur (Mataji) who is our Gurdwara/Ashram Secretary loves to tell Sikh stories to the children here in our community and has been doing so for many many years. Here is the first part of the Stories of Guru Nanak; in honor of the upcoming Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Keep in mind that these stories are meant for the children…so if you have kids you can get them to watch it online or download the video to watch. Download the video(Right click on above link and select "save target as") Ps. Tonight there was such a coincidance. I created this video last night (which was from 4 years ago) and this evening Guru Meher Kaur had another Children’s story session where she told this same story…and there was even one of the kids who asked about the aura around Guru Nanak, just like in this video. It was like a repeat….but to other kids.