Single Eligible Man: Prabhu Singh Khalsa

Just in case the single Gursikh ladies didn’t already know, Prabhu Singh (who was in the video interview below) is a very eligible single Sikh man.

He is 25 years old, has a masters in computer science, is very intelligent, spiritual, and has quite a bit of energy. He is very athletic, adventurous, and knows how to have fun. He loves to do seva and is part of the “Sikh Española Volunteer Association” (SEVA) here in Espanola, New Mexico (USA).

The type of person he would be interested in meeting:
Someone who enjoys anything and everything Sikh. Likes to do their banis, likes to wake up in the Amrit Vela, likes to do Naam Simran, Loves to go to Gurdwara and be in the sangat. Someone who is open minded, enjoys physical activities, the outdoors, and overall just enjoys life.

So…there you are. A brief picture about Prabhu Singh. He didn’t ask me to post this information, so I hope he is ok with me putting this online. You can email him at: [email protected] I don’t know how often he checks this email, but if you think you have chemistry with him…try sending an email. Rest is up to Guru ji :)

Ok..lunch break is over… time to get back to work.