The Ups and Downs…

I’m waiting for the latest video interview to finish rendering, so I was sitting here in front of the computer (how unusual!) listening to my mothers new CD, thinking about today and life in general.

In my life I have seen certain patterns and cycles in relation to my spiritual practice. I notice that I tend go through an up and down cycle. It’s not that I start doing "un-sikh" things, but not having a strong meditative practice all the time in a consistent way. For a few months I commit to doing XYZ every day…not matter what. At the end of that time period I keep going…but there is always something that comes up…and it fades off. I totally notice the difference in my state of being, happiness, calmness, energy, etc when I am in the "groove" with my daily practice. When I am not, I get more stressed out, react to situations/people easier, and am not as in tune with myself/intuition.

So, one might ask…if I get all these benefits and really notice the difference, why can’t I just keep at it? The thing is that it takes discipline and an extra effort to have a daily practice. Whether it is doing banis, meditating or exercising. It’s easier to just go with the flow with the happenings in your life than to have a commitment to yourself and do that practice EVERY day, come what may.

As humans we are motivated more by pain than by pleasure. Most people don’t take care of their bodies till they have big problems; Only then taking the time to deal with it. So…what I am saying again is that it takes more discipline to be in control of your mind. Guru Nanak said "man jeetai jag jeet"…. conquer your mind, and conquer the world. That is our challenge. A daily spiritual practice can help us meet this challenge.

So, my purpose was not to show you that I don’t always maintain a daily practice, but to show you that it is natural to have these challenges when trying to discipline yourself with anything. It is a learning process. Some have to go through it over and over all their life and still not get it. Every man who has achieved greatness in his life has gone through the most difficult time, full of doubt and pain. That is what makes them great.

So now is the time. Today is the day to commit to something. Me…and maybe you? Don’t say…I’ll do it tomorrow. I know very well how that goes (tomorrow never comes). I’ve been stalling for a while and spending too much time on this very computer. So…I’m committing to start up again tomorrow. If you like…join me!

Prabhu Singh is a good example to learn from. I’ll have to get some tips from him because he is rock solid with his daily practice.

Aside from the obvious things to do you, could also do some of these.