Too Busy…or Do you Not like SikhNet?

Last week I posted something about the upcoming SikhNet fundraiser and was hoping to get some video testimonials from people. To my surprise… I haven’t received anything yet. :( I know it’s only been 4 days… but I was hoping that some of you would be excited and grab a digital camera for some fun.

Just think….you’ll be seen all over the internet! What will this to to your popularity? I guess this might be intimidating for some. But hey…it will be fun and people will enjoy it. You could be up in the Google search engine ranks with Ash Singh who is ranked as the coolest Sikh! Fame and fortune! Have it All! Hahaha…

So…once again I am putting out another request to you all. Just get a camera and have someone record it. Share whatever you want. Share how SikhNet has impacted you, what you like, stories, humor, etc. Just record something that relates to SikhNet. Think of it as your way to help SikhNet out.

You don’t want to disappoint Narayan do you??? He asked pretty nicely…didn’t he?

If you have any questions about this “assignment”…feel free to email me. You can use the YouSendIt service to send the video to me (Emailing big files can be a pain). In the YouSend It service address it to: [email protected]

Ps. I had a great weekend off from the blog (well…sort of.). I started working on a different page to archive all the videos and MP3 files that I post for easy access. More to come.