Holloween Party

Arjan loves the social life and we wanted to do something fun with Narayan so we hosted a small “pot luck” dinner party. All our friends with kids brought the kids over and we ate dinner and then walked around our area going from door to door and “trick or treat”ed. The kids loaded up with candy. I got some video and will post some of that too later.

This is pure American Culture. Do any of you get dressed up on Holloween? I’m Curious if others Sikhs do this. It’s a lot of fun for the kids.

The wizard (Dumbledore) and the witch at our holloween party at our house. That’s a real beard too…… unlike the actor who plays the wizard in Harry Potter. Comes in Handy being a Sikh :) He could probably dress up as Santa Clause too. Hahaha..