Friday Remixes

Ok… I know some people might not like this type of music, and feel that it is bad to mix Gurbani with other music, but here I go anways…. What the heck….It’s Friday. There were just made for fun and not meant to go clubbing with (drinking/partying). Enjoy with respect :)

Both tracks are “House/club” remixed by friends of mine.

The first track is a remix by Manpreet singh of a shabad sung by Jagjit Singh

This second track is a remix by our own Espanola “Dj Dubba” (Just a nick name) for Gurudarbar singh. He is one of my classmates and lives here in Espanola. He has turn tables and mixes music for fun, and also for some of our local events. The original music is “Wahe Guru Groove” by Simran Kaur.

So.. enjoy them……or not. Have a good weekend!