Pre-Peace Prayer Day Jam Session June 2002

Every year the Summer Solstice camp here in Espanola, New Mexico starts out with the “Peace Prayer Day” event, where people of all religions come to celebrate and pray for peace.

Over the years we have had quite a variety of musicians perform. In 2002 the famous singer/musician “Seal” performed for us at Peace Prayer Day. It was an awesome concert. The day before he came to the Summer Solstice camp to setup and test things out. Here is a small video clip of Seal with Guru Singh (Vocals/Guitar), Guru Ganesha (electric guitar) and others jamming out to a small crowd of onlookers like myself. You don’t hear many main stream singers chanting “Wahe Guru”, let alone doing so with other Sikhs. So…this was pretty cool.

You can also purchase the audio CD (Game of Chants) that was done with Guru Singh and Seal. It has a similar studio version of this track.

Wahe Guru Jam Session

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Various Songs by Seal

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