Espanola Sangat 2000 Video

I went through some of my older MiniDV tapes that have been sitting on my desk unused for years. There is some cool footage from some of them, so I put together a little video from a couple of the tapes. All the events are from June of 2000 in Espanola, New Mexico. Every year at the Summer Solstice camp the Miri Piri Academy students put on a show for everyone. It always ends with a gatka demonstration. So in the video you’ll see some of their performance….and then some footage of an evening Gurdwara in Espanola. I hope you enjoy it! I had fun putting it together. I "threw" it together quickly using Pinnacle Studio (video editing program). Any other video editor enthusiasts out there? More videos to come in the next couple of days. :) Download Video (35 MB)(Right click and select "Save Target As")