Sat Nirmal Kaur (CEO of Akal Security)

Here is a picture of Sat Nirmal Kaur (CEO of Akal Security) in her uniform which she wears every day to work. It’s great seeing Sikhs in all different types of jobs. Below are some closeups of the typical Akal Security Badges.

4 Responses to “Sat Nirmal Kaur (CEO of Akal Security)”

  1. gurusharan says:

    Very Impressive picture!

  2. SikhsRus says:

    This is just a great picture! A real Sikh women role model for younger geenrations to come!

  3. I actually worked for Akal Security more than 10 years ago. Only recently, finding the Kara given to me back then, am I realizing the impact the Guru has had on my life. Now I can understand many of my choices, including the choice to begin living as Sikh.

  4. Rajwant says:

    we are proud