Youth Educational Videos – Ready for a Project?

Well, today was one of those days where I had fun and felt like I got a lot done. I made progress with all kinds of little things, and I am almost done with the Turban Tying Tutorials web page. At least done enough to post it publicly. There will be more turbans to add and improvements to make, for sure.

Many years ago I was planning to do some online educational projects focused towards the Sikh youth. One of them was creating little mini educational videos on all kinds of topics (to post online). I felt that it would serve kids more to have audio and visual means for education (as opposed to long pages of boring text). I wanted to do new videos each week/month and build a library of topics.

With this in mind SikhNet bought a nice digital video camera. This vision/project though has been delayed due to the time and resources needed to carry this out. So…for me, even though the turban videos were a pretty easy project it was fun to “Just Do It”, and squeeze it in to make it happen.

It would be great to see other youth take on a project like this. It would be really fun and educational too! Many people have digital video cameras and computers already. All you need is some inexpensive video editing software (Like Pinnacle Studio). The main thing is the interest and time/willingness to learn. You don’t have to be an expert in Sikhi or computers. There is too much information online already, it’s overwhelming. I think it is about keeping things simple and just focusing on specific small areas of Sikhi. It could be a 14 year old making cool videos!!

So…I post the challenge out there to anyone who feels called to embark on this adventure with me. Have some fun! Be Creative! If you create a video and it is interesting, we can feature it on (and my blog of course). I can help guide you too, as best I can.

Let the videos begin!

Spinning Wheel Festival here we come!