Boys and their Toys

Ok… I’m not talking about Narayan’s toys… but the big boys toys.

I have to say recently my blog posts have been quite random and different. Less spiritual in nature and more random happenings. It takes a lot of time and energy to write and post inspirational stuff. I guess this is just part of my cycle with the blog.

Speaking of more random things, yesterday I was up well into the early morning researching a replacement computer for myself at home. I am currently using a computer that I put together with spare parts 4.5 years ago (Pentium III 1Ghz)….and now that I am using it a lot and for many things I can justify the expense for buying a new one.

I was originally looking at pre-built computers but wanted to keep it under $1,000 and couldn’t quite get the mix of specs/price that I wanted. So, Guruka Singh made some suggestions for hardware and off I went to price out all the hardware parts to put it together myself. It’s exciting! I spent the most time trying to find reviews on a good quality 19″ LCD monitor (the jury is still out).

I can’t wait to order the stuff! It’s going to be a nice and fast computer. Arjan is the CFO (“Chief Financial Officer”) in the family and she said that I have to sell the beautiful oil paintings that we got painted and framed before I can buy it. Grrrrr…..! Once you get excited…it’s hart to wait. Patience…Patience pays.