Tribute to Mardana

A few people have inquired about the music which I used in the background of the Turban Tying video. This is a really cool album that you will enjoy if you are into fusion music (like me). Below is a little bit about the album and download links.

‘Tribute To Mardana’ is a spiritual world-fusion album dedicated to Bhai Mardana (1459-1534), the Muslim rebab player who accompanied Sikhism founder Guru Nanak on his travels.

The project was conceived by Jagmohan “Jaggu” Singh and produced by RS. It features such guests as TV personality Asha Gill, singer Hardev Kaur, bagpiper Pervinder Singh and didgeridoo player Justin Lim. All the tracks were recorded on a portable hard-disk multitrack recorder.

Please feel free to download the music as many times as you want. We hope you derive as much pleasure listening to the songs as we did creating them. When you’re done, please check out the other highly talented artists at this free site, including Call The Paramedics, Bode’s Noise Box, Jason, Che Ahmad, Kluk Kluk Adventure, WOD, synthdude, Traditional Music of Kelantan and RS.

Download the MP3 Files from the Album “Tribute to Mardana”