Help with Bandwidth Costs for Audio and Videos?

More and more people are visiting this blog and watching videos which is totally cool!! I love posting little videos that give a different viewpoint than pictures. However with that comes the additional bandwidth costs. I just starting using an awesome new blog service which I highly recommend to anyone who is into blogging and might want to post audio or video in their blog. They offer a free 7 day trial and pretty inexpensive fees as long as you have minimal bandwidth. You get 5GB of bandwidth per month free, of which I have already used in the first day from people watching videos. It’s $1 per GB of bandwidth after that.

So if you can, please do make donation to help pay for the bandwidth costs. Give a couple of dollars…or whatever you can. It all helps. Click on the button below to make a donation. Thanks for your support! :) – Gurumustuk

ps. This is a donation to me personally (not SikhNet), because I run the blog personally and pay for the expenses out of my pocket.