Am I The Bachola? (Matchmaker)

Well, after my adventures in England I’m back to my normal day to day happenings. Time to get back in gear with work! Not the type of work that I normally do. I’ve got some serious work to do…but this time it is not just at SikhNet.

Many of my friends are in their early to late 20’s, and are single. I know what it is like to be searching for someone special to spend your life with (ie: get married). I remember thinking that it was hopeless, because most of the potential single people I knew were people I grew up with and went to school with. (They knew all the embarrassing times when you were young). My circle of friends is pretty small here and we have a small community so there are not very many choices.

As I started to travel this year to other places like Canada and UK I realized that there were some really cool modern, spiritual, open minded, single Sikhs out there from “punjabi” background. It just opened up the possibilities. Most of my friends are “white” and from a western background, so naturally would want to meet someone with similar background (cultural/spiritual). There is definitely a stereotype of your typical Indian Sikh and their roles in marriage. People and relationships are very different in India and places like US/UK. However….someone who is born and raised in a western country would be very similar, and more compatible.

So… the past few months the idea has been brewing in my mind….. Why not try to help introduce some of my friends to other Sikhs outside of our community?

None of them know what I am planning (though…neither do I…hahaha) but somehow I feel the need to help out. I just want to help introduce some people that I know and meet.

Now the trick is to see if any of them are interested in exploring this. When I was in England me and Ashvinder did some fun video interviews with some of our new friends. I think I’ll try to get some more of my friends here and post them on a page.

Well, let’s see what happens. Stay Tuned!

PS. Do you have ideas of questions that you might ask someone if I were to do a video interview? Stuff like this.