My Wife “Dr Arjan”

In case many of you didn’t already know; my wife is a Chiropractor. And works at GRD Health Center (“GRD” short for Guru Ram Das), with other alternative health care providers from our community (Acupuncturists, Massage, Counseling, etc.). They work really hard to help people with all kinds of ailments and educate people about their body and being healthier.

Most people are so trained by society to treat their symptoms (headaches, pains, sicknesses, etc) rather than looking at the body as a whole and treating the causes. Many doctors these days pretty much just push drugs as a solution to people’s ailments. Much of the time with little or no lasting results. Think about it. When you have a headache, most people will quickly grab the “pill” of choice to get rid of the pain. When you get a flu/cold… you take the drug to deal with the stuffy nose and other symptoms. Everyone want’s a quick fix. There is a pill for everything these days. The drugs do work as intended, but many times just “mask” the problem. When you get a headache it is your body’s way of communicating to you that you need to relax or make a change. Instead…you take the pill…and keep going. Tired….? Grab some more coffee/tea and keep going.

We all should take the time to take care of our bodies. Just as a car needs regular service, so do you. If you take care of your car…it will run smoothly for many years. Same with your body. There is much you can do to take care of yourself in a preventive way…rather than waiting till you have problems with your body. If you have health problems and are not getting relief from standard medical doctors, I encourage you to try some alternatives.

Arjan was telling me about one of her patients that had been going to doctors for over 10 years trying to get rid of a loud ringing sound that he had in his ears. The doctors just pretty much said there was nothing that could be done. Arjan did some Craniosacral therapy on him and on the second visit the ringing in his ears was gone. Some things take time to get relief on and others (like this example) it was really quick. When I get a headache (on rare occasions) Arjan adjusts my neck and almost instantly my headache is gone. It’s pretty cool having a healer as a wife (I do have to make appointments though to see her :). It’s too hard at home.

So…enough said for now. If you have not tried any alternative health care, I suggest that you give it a try. I normally make an appointment with my wife Arjan to get a Chiropractic adjustment and then get some acupuncture. I also try to get a massage from time to time, which really helps me with my tension and stress. All those hours on the computer really does stress your body.

If you do come to Espanola, please do come and visit GRD Health Center. They have a lot to offer.