Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Here are a few older tracks of Chardikala Jatha from 2003. I recorded these during the Summer Solstice Camp near Espanola, NM. On the last night of camp we have an all night Rensubai Kirtan. Everyone comes from their tents to the huge shelter which is converted into the Gurdwara. We sleep to the blissfull sounds of the Sangat playing Gurbani all night till the early hours of the morning when the normal daily Sadhana starts.

When you listen to the below tracks you will hear the echoing of the voices reverberating around the Shelter. It creates a very meditative mood. Every year the Chardikala Jatha get’s better and better. I can always tell how much they improve every year. So…if there are some mistakes just know…it was from a few years ago. In case you didn’t know, they are pretty young (24-30 years old). They teach, live, and study Gurbani in Amritsar, India.

The first picture above is from 2003 when they were playing at the Rensubai Kirtan. The second is of them playing kirtan with Hari Bhajan Kaur, during one of the Gurdwaras that year at the camp.

Music by: Chardikala Jatha (Harimandir Jot Singh, Sada Sat Simran Singh, Jugat Guru Singh)

  1. Man Too Jot Saruup Hai (27MB) – Evening Rensubai Kirtan at Summer Solstice Camp
  2. Mayra Man Sadh Jana (24MB) – Evening Rensubai Kirtan at Summer Solstice Camp
  3. Deh Shiva (21MB) – Sunday Gurdwara at Summer Solstice Camp

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