Women being allowed to do Seva and Kirtan at Harmandir Sahib

Well, This is finally coming back again and we are making progress! This is one of those things which I always wondered how the SGPC was able to let slide (not allowing women to do kirtan and Ishanaan Seva in Harmandir Sahib). Yesterday in India the SGPC decided to make some changes. Here is one news story on it.

This is a HUGE step I think for Sikh women, and a good change for the Gurdwara management in India (Especially in Amritsar). Of course this isn’t the first time “permission was allowed”. You can read some of the hukamnamas and things from the past. SikhNet had a whole campaign for a while, to educate the community and pressure the management in Amritsar to make changes.

I used to always get frustrated when I heard people boasting how in Sikhism “women are equal”, however, in practice this is more talk than practice in many places.

So, This might not all happen right away, however it is good that it is starting to move in a positive direction. I’ll definitely be watching to see how this all plays out and what actually happens.