Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Ok…today I have chosen a few live recordings that I did during visits to Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar. It’s nice sharing unique audio clips with everyone. I hope you all are enjoying them. I know some of the MP3 files are pretty big. When I get time I might split some of them into multiple files or encode at lower bitrates so that the files are smaller.

  • Rehiras Sahib at Harmandir Sahib (18MB) – This is a nice recording from outside Harmandir Sahib of Rehiras. The very beginning is a little distant as I was walking quickly to get closer to Harmandir Sahib from the Nivas. The part that I like most is starting about 4 minutes into it. I love the sound of the Gyani’s voice echoing around the parkarma. Listening to it brings me there in spirit.
  • Cherdikala Jatha Playing Gurbani in Harmandir Sahib (73MB) – This is a live recording during my visit to Amritsar in 2003. Chardikala Jatha played Gurbani inside Harmandir Sahib right after Ishnaan Seva (before Asa Di Var started). My favorite part is at the end when I took the recorder outside while they were still playing Kirtan. The echo of the Gurbani around the parkarma really gives you the feeling of being at Harmandir Sahib. Otherwise you can’t really tell where the recording was.
  • After Morning Seva at Harmandir Sahib (13MB) – This recording is from the same morning as the above clip of Cherdikala Jatha. After Ishnaan Seva inside Harmandir Sahib before the Ragis play kirtan the sevadhars singh this. I love hearing this clip.