Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Today I wanted to share two Gurbani Mp3 files by Bhai Chattar Singh. He used to visit our Gurdwara from time to time when I was young and living in Los Angeles. There is something about the vibration and mood when he plays Gurbani Kirtan. I find it very meditative and soothing. Here are two MP3 files which I archived from old tapes from around 1980 (?). Today you get a “bonus” track because Bhai Chatter Singh is one of my favorite ragis and it’s hard to just put ONE.

  • Mera Man Loche (43MB) – This track is looped and is 31 minutes long. In our home we always keep Gurbani Kirtan playing to set the vibration in our home. This is one in particular that I remember my mother playing in our home a lot. Very beautiful.
  • Sat Guru Daya Nidh (6MB) – This is another classic Bhai Chattar Singh for me that I used to listen to quite often when I was younger. It is still one of the Shabads that I

    Do you have an MP3 Gurbani shabad that is a favorite of yours? Email me if you want to share it.