Another Day at SikhNet

Well, I’m here in my office and it’s the end of another long day at SikhNet. Quite often it seems like a whirl-wind of things that have to get taken care of. There are always so many things to do, and there never seems to be enough time and people to do them. I feel like even though SikhNet has been on the internet for about 10 years, that we have only scratched the surface of what we COULD be doing.

I am in no way dis-heartened, because I know that things happen slowly and at the right time. Everything that has happened; even the startings of SikhNet, were “stumbled upon”, and one thing leading to the next. There is always some tree of situations which lead SikhNet down it’s path of evolution. Everything always seems to get taken care of somehow, and be the right thing for the current time. Just as this blog has changed many things in my life (personally and for SikhNet) and taught me much.

Since 1997 SikhNet has been fortunate enough to be self supportive to a large part as a result of the income from the service that SikhNet runs. SikhNet has grown a lot since the early days and is a much larger operation to maintain and run. Unfortunately though the Sikh Matrimonial service has not kept up with the growth of SikhNet’s needs and has actually decreased significantly due to major competition from other major Indian Matrimonial services. Part of this decrease has been because we have not had the people resources to devote to the Matrimonial service. SikhNet’s main mission is not “Sikh match maker” or a commercial profit company. It really is to serve and educate people about Sikhi.

So, as a result we have to spend a significant amount of time figuring out new fee services and ways to raise money to support and grow SikhNet. We normally have an annual fundraiser and many people contribute to support SikhNet. However the percentage of SikhNet visitors that actually support SikhNet is very small. You can say things like…if everyone gave $5 then we could take care of things, but in reality that doesn’t happen. Maybe people just assume that there is loads of money in SikhNet.

The reality is that we really do need significant community financial support. There is only so much that can be done as seva. To have people do seva you need people to manage the volunteers and the tasks. You need skilled people with good experience (writers, graphic designers, web developers, programmers, etc) who are committed to do work. Too many times people have offered to help and in the end just didn’t have the time. Or they didn’t have the level of experience that was needed. So, the result is that the only way to really get things done properly is to have paid staff. This of course doesn’t include actual operating costs aside from staff (servers, hardware, computers, offices, etc).

Did you know that SikhNet get’s over 130,000 unique vistors per month? That’s a lot of people isn’t it. So…the next time you feel appreciative of something on SikhNet, stop and think about what you can do to give back to support this valuable resource (SikhNet), which in turn will help enable many more people to learn and experience the same thing as you.

I honestly didn’t start this post thinking about fundraising or a “state of the union” of SikhNet speech. It just kind of flowed into this message at random. I was just feeling tired and the pressure of trying to keep up with everything at SikhNet. I really was just wanted to share this one shabad that I was listening to and is one of my favorites. It always makes me feel peaceful and was helping with my stressfull day.

So… here you go. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Something about the mood and feeling of the Shabad that put’s my mind at ease. Do any of you have any other Kirtan by Prof. Paramjot Singh? This is the only track that I have.

Music by Prof. Paramjot Singh
Shabad: Main Man Vaddi Aas Hare (Size 15MB)
(right click on the above link and select “save target as” to download the MP3 file)

PS. If you have any good ideas on funding help for SikhNet please do email me. Or, if you know someone who might be willing/able to donate new computer equipment for SikhNet let me know.

I’ll post some more of my favorite MP3 tracks in the coming days.