Mastering a Mantra

“What does it mean to master a mantra? When you have repeated it so much, so often and so well that you hear it within you, and it comes handy to you……especially at the moment of death…… have mastered a mantra.”Yogi Bhajan

This quote reminded me of the stories that I posted last week about Bhai Fauja Singh and how he was chanting “Waheguru” till his last breath. I can imagine how much “Waheguru” was a part of his everyday life and how much he chanted it. I’m SURE he mastered the Waheguru Mantra.

I also think about a line that I used to sing a lot when I was very young: “Hummee Hum, Tumi Tum, Waheguru…. I am thine, in mine, myself, Waheguru“. We used to have a tape playing all the time with these words put to music. I used to sing it while walking home from school (KG-2nd grade). The thing that was cool was that I sang it so much that it became part of me. Whenever I was scared or just needed some support these words just popped into my mind automatically. I think that is what happens when you take Gurbani and Mantra and repeat over and over (Mindfully). It becomes a part of yourself. So…I guess when you are in need and when you die…it comes to your aid and guides you. This is the power of Gurmantra! Try it and see/experience for yourself!