Bhai Fauja Singh

This month I posted many old pictures from the mid 1970’s of Western Sikhs first interacting with Sikhs in India. It has been very interesting and inspiring for many to look back and see these images from the past. Many people were particulary interested in pictures of Bhai Fauja Singh and requested that I put some more online.

My mother reminded me of an old “Beads of Truth” magazine from 1978 which was dedicated to Bhai Fauja Singh and the events of Baisakhi 1978. I was able to scan and OCR the content from the magazine and post it all online for everyone to read through.

Please keep in mind that this was published almost 30 years ago and was from the perspective of the western Sikhs in America.

I did my best to include everything, though I am sure there are mistakes on my part in dealing with the OCR software and placement of images/text. I did leave out some images (of the faces/bodies of those Sikhs who died that Basaikhi) which I thought might be too much for younger children to see.

In any case, It is a learning experience for me, reading the letters and articles about his life and his interaction with my parents generation. I hope this was a worthwhile effort putting this information online to share with everyone.

Here is the address to read the articles:

(ok…now time to get some sleep. It’s way too late!)