Why I tie a turban

Having not been born to a Sikh family, I first tied a turban in 1971 when I was 26 years old. It was at my wedding. I remember experimenting with how I felt with my turban on and with no turban. I would wear a turban one day and then try not wearing one on a different day. I was trying to experience the difference. The difference was quite amazing. When I tied my turban I could concentrate much better and was less distracted. I felt more “self-contained.” When I didn’t wear my turban I kept being distracted by others’ thoughts and energy. In scientific terms, the “signal to noise” ratio was hugely improved by tying my turban. So I started tying it every day and now after 34 years of wearing my turban I love how good it feels to tie it in the morning, and how good it feels to let my hairs down at night! Something that feels that good twice a day has got to be great! ;-)