The wedding of Sat Darshan Kaur and Krishan Shiva Singh

This past Sunday was the wedding of Sat Darshan Kaur and Krishan Shiva Singh. It was a day full of joy for everyone. I took the photographs for them of the wedding and some afterwards so was there next to them the whole time.

I have to say, that I have been to quite a few weddings (participating and taking pictures) and just about every time I still get teary eyed and emotional at the end. I don’t know if it is that I am a sensitive guy, or just a remembrance of my wedding. I always think about when I got married to Arjan and after the fourth Lavaan when we sat down before the Guru. The sangat shouted out five Jakaras, “Bole So Nihaal! Sat Siri Akal” (as is very common in our Gurdwara at weddings). I just felt so much love from everyone and there was so much enthusiasm in it. It makes me feel the power of love and the the gift that the Guru’s gave to us as Sikhs. Marriage is such a beautiful Gift! It really can take you as a person to a much better place spiritually.

A humorous story that Shanti Kaur told us during Gurdwara :
(I’m not that great of a story teller so I’ll recap as best I can)

Years ago Shanti Kaur questioning the Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh about the practice of having the Palay (the shawl) wrapped over the Man’s shoulder, and the woman holding it from behind as the man leads the woman. She thought this was some old non Sikh practice and was wondering why we do this. Especially from the aspect of why the woman had to be in the back and following the man (being subservient).

The first answer that Yogi Bhajan gave Shanti Kaur was, “Well, someone has to go first.” (chuckle) But he was just testing her, and of course she wasn’t satisfied with that answer. When she pushed the point, he replied, “It is all in your point of view. You see the woman following the man subserviently. What I see is that marriage is a carriage in which the husband and wife ride to Infinity together. The horse is in front and the driver sits behind and holds the reins.” He was teaching her that people filter things through their own frame of reference and that it is not “this or that” but that there are many levels of meaning.