Going to the UK in August!

Well, things are confirmed. I will be visiting the UK in August and am pretty excited. This will be my first visit to England (other than the airport) :)

I’ll be arriving on Aug. 20th and departing on Sept 3rd. So I will have about two weeks there.

The first week I will be participating in two camps. Because of the timing of the camps (which are the very same week) I will be going to about 3 days of each camp.

Both the camps seem to be very different and target different people. It will be interesting to be a part of them and meet people at the camps. If you are in the UK and have free time I would encourage you to take part in one of the camps. I’m sure it will be a great experience!

The second week I will be traveling around a bit and networking with different people. If you have any suggestions of Sikh events and things happening Aug 29th – Sept 2nd let me know.