1977 Bhai Fauja Singh Singh

Recently I posted some old pictures from when my mother and others went to Punjab on a Yatra from 1978. Many people requested that I post some more. So, I have been searching far and wide and was able to find some more interesting pictures. Some people asked if I had any Bhai Fauja Singh Pictures, so by request I have posted these ones that I found.

Info About Bhai Fauja Singh:

I have been having quite the computer problems today. I was able to scan each of the Bhai Fauja Singh slides, but then after I finished the 5 of them the scanner died again. It was able to work this one last time (This was the same scanner that I have been having problems with earlier that I hoped might work on a different computer). So, at least it held out for these pictures. Then my mouse died, someone threw away a box that had the slide adapter for another scanner, I got locked out of the office after I went out to dig through the trash heap looking for it, and getting stinky trash fluids all over my kurta. What fun!! haha. Too many hours. Eventually I gave up for the day (Arjan was calling…when are you coming home???) and settled to post these 5 pictures. So, things are running a little slow today. I guess this scanner is destined for the trash and It might be time for a new computer too at the office. Someone recently donated a laptop for me to use at home and while traveling, which I am most thankful for (coming soon!). Till then I’ll try to hunt down someone else in our community who has a scanner and see if I can scan some more pictures.

If you know of someone that might want to donate a relatively new computer(s) or scanner to SikhNet do let me know. We could use the new equipment (for SikhNet Radio and Office workstations).