Yogi Bhajan Critics

I am always disheartened when people go way out of their way to attack and make criticism of Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (AKA: Yogi Bhajan). In most of the cases this is from people who know nothing (or very little) about 3HO and Yogi Bhajan. All they see is so called “cult expert” websites and unsuccessful lawsuits that were filed by “ex-3ho” people and take this as the truth.

I have grown up and been raised as a Sikh and Yogi Bhajan was like a grandfather/teacher for me. I have seen quite a lot and it has all been quite inspiring, for myself and countless other. I have also seen situations which might give a light into why some people get angry at Yogi Bhajan, and their way of retaliation is to slander and make accusations.

This really goes back to what I am constantly battling with. Which is how people tend to always focus on the negative, or make something negative. This is the case for all things…not just related to Yogi Bhajan. It’s when people look at me and others and try to nit-pick at things and find something wrong. As if it is too good to be true.

One observation that I have found that in my personal life is this. When I am having a hard time in my life, am angry, irritated, or disconnected spiritually, that I tend to see that in everything that I do. So if I am feeling that way I start picking at what others are doing and thinking negative thoughts about whatever the situation. I realized that it is not really something wrong with the other person, but it is a reflection of myself and what is going on internally with me. This observation has helped me be more conscious of things and react differently to others.

Now when I see someone that calls me a towel head, or criticizes me, or is hurtful to someone, I can have a compassion and understanding for that person, rather than think that they are a “bad” person. I realize that this person must be having a hard time in their life, and as a result is doing certain things.

We can try to dig up the past about Yogi Bhajan and show all kinds of court documents and websites that have anti-3HO/YB comments, however let us not be blinded by just focusing on those, and look at the thousands and thousands of people that he has helped, literally changing their lives in a positive way. It is such a small number of people that are making these accusations compared to the impact he had on people in this world. I personally would give more weight to the overwhelming accomplishments impact that he had than the few people who make these accusations. I have noticed that the more I become in the public eye, the more I am criticized. It’s just part of being in the public. Just think of what the president of the USA gets..or any major public figure.

I REALLY don’t want to start a whole debate on this. It is so draining energy wise and I think our time and energy is better used in other ways. You don’t have to believe anything or agree with me or anyone. Let’s just be kind to each other and give us the benefit of the doubt.

Make your opinions based on what YOU see and experience in real life. See what we do as Sikhs. Come visit some of the different sangats/communities. Take the time to learn for yourself, before assuming anything. Open your mind!

Ps. The Title of “Siri Singh Sahib” was given to him by the Akal Takhat and was not something that we just made up and started calling him.

*Sigh* What a way to start a Monday….