Soul Portrait of Arjan and Me

Here is a “Soul Portrait” of me and Arjan that a friend of ours, Hari Jiwan Kaur just painted for us. She does some amazing works of art. The pictures here and on the website don’t do themself justice from seeing the real thing. You can see more of her art at:

Here is the description that she wrote along with the painting:
“Your union has formed a sacred vessel, a bowl of light and love for souls to come through. Many wish to come through you as parents, but only a few will come into the world as your children. The bowl of light is in reference to the native Hawaiian belief that all people are born as a bowl of light – pure and radiant. The bowl of light also signifies the well-spring of God, The light you dip your cup into and the light that you serve from. Maintain the integrity of the vessel, This is your destiny to live and serve in the radiant light of God. All things will come to you and your family.”

(ok…all those critical people, just take a deep breath and just let that itch go. It’s good to not try to read into things too deep… Thanks! :)