Snatam Kaur Engaged!

Well, it is now official. Snatam Kaur is Engaged to Sopurkh Singh (who lives in Espanola)! I was wondering when she might find her match, and who the lucky person would be. Especially being a single superstar musician :) Congratulations!

If you haven’t heard her music I highly recommend that you take a listen. You can hear clips on SikhNet and short clips/purchase CDs on She tours around so you can also check their tour schedule to see if she is coming to your area.

Snatam Kaur is an old friend of mine and now a very well known Sikh musician. Her music is a blend of Gurbani and Western Music. It’s very original. Check it out.

I have some old pictures of our first trip to Hemkunt Sahib. When I get a working scanner I’ll post some of the pictures.